The development of Fuhua can be divided into four stages--industrial starting, scale expansion, resources integration, restructuring and upgrading. Over the years, because there is a firm goal and a tough attitude, Fuhua has seized several turning points, crossed by bumps, after longtime of hardships, raising of things to a higher level during the crisis.

 Commercial starting

    At the beginning of this century, according to the development of national macroeconomic situation and the textile industry, the company established a foothold in the development direction of nylon industry, founded Wujiang Fuhua Weaving Co. Ltd., is committed to nylon fabric R&D, production and sales.

Industrial expansion

    In July 2000, Wujiang fuhua Weaving Co., Ltd. was born in Shengze Economic Development Zone, imported 280 water jet looms from Japan, France and Taiwan, reached the annual production capacity of 30 million meters of high-grade chemical fiber fabrics, accomplished the high starting point, company now has more than 3000 machines with international advanced level.

resources integration

    In 2005, Facing the complicated and changeable situation at home and abroad, Fuhua made great efforts to start continuously integration. Especially since 2007, Fuhua carried out a series of internal reforms, such as institutional adjustment, process reengineering, system improvement, team building etc. Then continued to conduct the system resources integration of upstream and downstream industry chain, made the development of company come into standardization, systematization, processize. Strive to build the core competitiveness of the textile industry with a more open mind, more normative management and more advanced technology.

    In 2008, facing the global financial crisis, Fuhua Strengthen the internal management, implementing overall performance strategy, by taking the marketing as main line, keep promoting a virtuous cycle of production and marketing; using performance assessment as a drive force to enhance the enthusiasm of all staff. Take the economic profit as a handle to promote the financial budget and the project of reduce spending, stock and debts, to improve the work quality and behavior standards on the basis of standardization, to promote the quality of whole staff with the support of team strength, by impleting a series of reform measures, smoothly get through the impact of the financial crisis.

Restructuring and Upgrading

    In 2009, facing a new round of reshuffle in textile industry, Fuhua seized the opportunity to prepare the products ready to sell in advance for the economic recovery, firmly decided to import thousands of looms and the warping, sizing, beaming equipments, merge and acquire two weaving mills, in September 2010, once again the import of 1000 Japan Tsudakoma water jet looms, has taken a firm step in accelerating the transformation and upgrading. Throughout every critical period of Fuhua, it achieved the initiative on the turning point with innovative thinking and forward-looking vision, grasped every opportunity in competition, made a breakthrough time after time.