1.Human Resources
    Adhere to the human resources as the core;  Supported by company system and enterprise culture; In three gradations of corporate strategy, team building and personal development as a breakthrough ; the four aspects of staff thinking, ability, position and performance focus on 7S Personnel management work.

  Contribution--Through the KPI indicators reflect the company's value orientation, and guide the direction of staff contribution to realize the company vision.

  System--to system manage and motivate staff.

  Spirit--Enterprise spirit, humanistic spirit, team spirit, professional dedication, professional spirit.

  Position--Improve the company's personnel management level, optimize the structure of position, to give play to the role of it.

  Education--Improve the quality of staff and training stratification education.

  Skill--Dedicated, professional, specialty, expert

  Structure--Senior management and grass-roots management structure, management and technical layer structure, age structure, clerical staff and business staff structure, mobility and stability of the staff structure.
2.Compensation benefits

    In order to attract, motivate and retain talents, realize the win-win of enterprises and staffs, the company provides comprehensive and competitive Compensation benefits system for staffs, staff compensation level mainly depends on position, performance and ability etc.


3.training and education

  Fuhua always pay attention to staffs' objective demand in different stages of development, the all-round development of staffs is one of the most important goals of the development of the company. through a variety of forms of education and training, let every staff can get timely, effective,and personalized training, strengthening the concept of position, to create a "learning" cultural atmosphere.

4.work environment

  The company provides a comfortable, clean and efficient office environment, and strive to create a good working atmosphere so that staffs happy to work.

  Fuhua pay attention to each staff's life, carefully build their own home culture, and constantly improve the living environment of staff, continuous improvement of logistics services, to create a safe, convenient and harmonious landscaping living environment, providing fast and thoughtful logistics services.


  For the enrichment of amateur cultural life, the annual "International Women’s Day", "International Labor Day", "Mid-Autumn Festival", "National Day" "Christmas" and other festivals will organize cultural, tourism and other activities which laid the foundation for a good job.