Spring pants fabric

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1. Casual wide leg pants

The following two fabrics can be used to make casual pants, such as wide leg pants. The whole body of the trousers is loose and casual, which can cover the leg defects, modify the leg shape, and wear comfortably and conveniently. Side pockets for convenient storage and enhanced functionality. The zipper design at the hem of the pants brings you comfort and fashion.

 CTD133002S——330T   Double weft elastic jacquard Taslon   Two sided two-colorblack and blue

The fabric is made of elastic Imitation cotton, brocade and polyester. The fabric has the function of moisture absorption and quick drying, and has good wear resistance and elasticity. Fabric texture clear, soft and comfortable texture. Blue and black contrast design, more fashionable, embellishment pants body to add vitality. Elastic waist, flexible, easy to wear and take off.


 CTT229006S——290T  Matte Taslon  Color:Gray blue

The fabric is made of nylon filament and cotton like silk. Fabric has vertical wrinkle, easy to clean, not easy to fade. With good moisture absorption and quick drying function, it is especially suitable for wearing when going out to do strenuous exercise .


2.Outdoor casual pants

Cotton like stretch fabric

CQD128002S——280T Cotton like weft elastic jacquard  Color: black

  The fabric is interwoven with polyester cotton like silk, which perfectly integrates the advantages of cotton and polyester: cotton texture, plush feeling, good hand feel, good dyeing performance, strong wrinkle resistance, and good dimensional stability of the fabric.

Quick drying fabric

CTT224007S——240T  Plain Weave  Taslon  Color:  black

The fabric is made of 100% nylon cotton like material. Better wear resistance and durability
than similar products. Cotton texture, moisture absorption and quick drying function, more comfortable to wear.



Both fabrics can be made into sweatpants. Adjustable webbing with a metal buckle at the waistband provides a snug, comfortable fit without losing a sense of fashion. Large capacity pocket with zipper on both sides of hip bone, practical and convenient for outdoor travel. The overall design of the pants is simple, suitable for all kinds of activities in the fresh spring, with strong weather resistance and good flexibility.