Concept of talent

  Fuhua regard talent as the first management element, business object and strategic resources. Fuhua have paid a lot attention in talent introduction, training, utilize and encouragement, attaching high importance to team building, and strive to strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit, humanistic spirit, team spirit, professionalism, professionalism.

  Fuhua adhere the principle that " to know a man and use him to his ability ", pay attention to and lead the progress of staff, provide employees a bi-alleyway vocational development model with both vertical & horizontal occupational choice.

  Fuhua regard talent as essence of business Entrepreneurship, competition and development. Provide every employee a stage to aspiring excellence and achieving dreams, by means of unique recruitment strategy, broad career development space,  excellent growth environment, effective incentive mechanism and people - oriented corporate culture.

1.Staff training

  Fuhua is committed to construct a learning-type modern enterprise, to promote the improvement of professional competence, cultivation of professional attainment, strengthen of ability. According to the differences about positions and personal characteristics, formulating the specific regulations to encourage multi-channel, multi-faceted growth and development of employees, and establishing a multi-level talent team which adapts to strategic transformation.

2.Staff education

  Encourage, support and guide employees to improve their professional skills then achieve position development. Employees can choose one or more ways to achieve their professional skills enhancing according to their own need combining with company’s actual.

  Fuhua established employees academic education mechanism, encouraged employees to actively improve their personal cultural, strengthen their knowledge structure, to support skills via knowledge, to complete responsibility via professional. At the same time, Fuhua reward staff who finished their professional qualifications reengineering, and apply national-level professional title for them each year. 

3.Staff development

  Fuhua design a two-channel career development model for employees, and offer them multiple development opportunities via vertical promotion, horizontal career conversion, maintain the consistency of staff development with company’s. in the past 2 years, about 50 young members got the leadership position, while we continued echelon construction, which lets every job can reserve a lot of talents to ensure the smooth progress of the development.

4.Post rotation

    Fuhua regularly organize work rotation(this rotation cycle is based on actual situation of each department), as employees could get multiple job skills, practice comprehensive literacy.