Fuhua deeply understand the profound connotation of humanism, always adhere to the employing principle of equal stress on integrity and ability ,virtue comes first.
     Fuhua, a comfortable family. It follows the life of every employee, intends to create homeland culture, constantly improve the living environment of employees. All staff quarters are equipped with air conditioning and digital TV, both husband and wife work in Fuhua could enjoy the couple room treatment; Staff bathroom is open free for 24 hours; the staff canteen of nearly one million RMB investment is spacious and clean. Fuhua still built a basketball court, Ping Pong and billiards rooms, the gym, reading room, multi-functional training room, KTV , etc; Staff wear uniform, it is the tag of Fuhua and the best show of corporate image. Fuhua has created a warm home with family love. Fuhua will organize the Gala at the Mid Autumn Festival, Christmas and other holidays of the year, all staff will join in, singing and dancing, have a happy gathering. Fuhua will send holiday greetings to every staff by message during the traditional holidays; For production line workers, will provide the heatstroke items and pay the cooling costs in summer days, and the cooling ice will be placed in workshop everyday. Fuhua tried to create a warm and peaceful home for staff, make the company and staff into one.

   Perfect management standard and system guarantee, careful training and learning system, established the stage for Fuhua staff to show their talents and achieve dreams. Regular company culture activities enhanced the cohesiveness of the Fuhua team, multifunctional employee activity center became a gathering place of Fuhua brilliant culture.

   Only with the warmth of home can Fuhua achieved the unity like family.

中秋晚会.jpg 2015中秋晚会朗诵.jpg 2015年圣诞晚会.jpg 质量歌歌咏比赛.jpg 福华世家第四届运动会篮球决赛.jpg 2014运动会闭幕式合影.jpg 2016员工心理辅导.jpg 福华董事长(左二)与张总(左一)在比赛中.jpg 福华世家第四届运动会篮球决赛.jpg