1、Etsgen Explosion

     Internet and social media have widely spread, and become one of the most important necessities in our modern life. Spoofing, teasing, acting cute turning into an express way that could be more easily accepted and popularized. Loving to use the pictures and emojis to express the inner thoughts and emotions directly. The etsgen explosion have obviously become a cultural background of the younger generation.The communication and the interaction between the virtual world and the real world have constructed another new dimension that without dimension limitation.

     It contains a series colors that full of warm works and network. High saturation electrical blue, orange, acid green, rose red, and redness bump with each other, play a role in straightly and distinctively expressing and warning. Colors like gray, sand pink, bubble blue and pure green disposed by optical illusion and filter are just like the hue which are fresh and retro in the autodyne softwares.


     BR nylon, flat knitting are decorated with large proportion of the embroidery, striking colors and the 3D effect; the oxford style fabrics which touched extremely soft could be presented more diversely; the classical tablecloth plaid have more abundant surface texture, and become the new favorite fabrics applying to the modern mix-and-match fashion.The patent leather covered with polychrome appearance or the chemical fabrics with coating are the key materials to perform a sense of future younger. Nylon with digital optical illusions printing effect, versatile paillette and some blended  fabrics with the effective of stack-up bring a best medium to express ourselves to the era-Z.

2、Leisure Samyaksmrti

     Closely paying attention to the real needs of the heart, the soul, and the design of the body itself and release it are becoming the trend which towards a commercialized way;samyaksmrti and physical practice becomes a approach leads us to find and chase the nature, people learn to be more easy and modern to update the way to convey the body language. Focusing on the texture of the fabrics, pay attention to the connotation and the story behind the products, meet the needs of the inner center and the physical body, are raising a new fashion revolution.

     A series of natural color which are pale neutral color in the main. The materials without dyeing are easy to match the high lightness’ color with a sense of dynamic and create an easy and comfortable atmosphere. When the bone, carnatio, sand, charcoal, approaching to the soft sunshine yellow, water blue and amber would appeal a series colors feels like human live in harmony with the nature.


    The key points are the materials should be environmental and biodegradable closed-loop; lightweight and has a natural appearance of materials; the pure silk with low gross, cire nylon with circular aperture, chiffon and crape, shows a style of modern and comfortable, fold appearance material like the style of Issey Miyake, smooth knitted cotton cloth, are full of the feelings of quantity, create a modern tranquil modelling; the fabrics weaved by the pin applied to the new microfiber, and the tatting applied to the superfine nylon, feel like a second skin of our body. Jacquard plain colored linen fabric which are vertical and low profile has the exquisite soft handle and the cold appearance.

3、Technology inheritance

    There are more choices and imagination filling in the digital epoch and become the incubator that update the tradition and classics. Retro techniques get a new life through the dealing with a modern way, be inherited and returned by a more creative and dynamic way; the elements of traditional sports returned in a mighty way, and update the traditional design which eternal renewed, and use a more artful and practicable way to become a new classic style for the young generation.

    Classic and elegant color keynote, matched to the mirror pearl color with a sense of competitive sports; the classic navy blue matched to the color of dark red oxide and the fresh white; the practical khaki and neutral sandy color, matched with the dynamic bright yellow and blue……present a new inherited color series that full of vitality.


    Agile lightweight wool material in summer, or appears in a classic color and an elegant pattern, or create a sports knitting series of merino wool; the classic nylon fiber could be presented in a form of elegant pearl gloss coating; its functional feature becomes a necessity of urbanity; the fabric used to be applied to the competitive sports like the pressured double-side-double-deck or multilayer are presented with a more fashion form; smooth and exquisite nylon imitate cotton, new exquisite cellulose create a modelling series of traditional and classic; the navy style stripes knitting and printed UV resistant nylon has another sense of young vigor.

4、Romantic poet

    As the further exploration of nature that human goes, people’s attitude about going back to the original nature has fused with the tribalism and the modern fashion, just like the artist wandering in the city, has a wonderful scenery and romantic charming. The globalization tendency and the strategy of see & buy make the season limitation are no longer matters, travel around the world and the style of bohemian remains to be popular, and meet the needs of all the people in the world in a more artistic way.

    The colorful nature, and a series of low chroma colors reflect a texture of original ecological aesthetic and art. Dark desert color and russet match with earthy color including army green, jungle green, dusty blue and mocha-color, coordinate with artistic blue-gray and blue-violet, deduce a natural romanticism mood.

    The tatting surface with hand feeling texture,tie in the pattern of stripe, tapestry or fair isle design; oversized mesh and materials with open weave appearance, handmade-alike lace go with transparent light gauze, creating a romantic sense of natural summer; marbled and stratum-stripes gray and clip-flower knitting, sanding light fabric and suede fabric, crimped nylon provides a natural feeling; trimming and burn-out printing create its poetic feel; large tropics zoology and botany printing and jacquard have been presented in a more modern way.